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Helping you Grow Closer to God

Today's Broadcast: October 18

The Power of Spiritual Training in the Transformation Process, Part 2

Series: Transformed

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It’s a fact. One of the leading causes of mental illness is unforgiveness. The results of unforgiveness are unmistakable - bitterness, envy, wrath. It creates a life eaten up by anger and pain. But the power of forgiveness is undeniable. It restores, it heals, it soothes. Chip gives you some very practical tools that can help you begin the habit of giving and receiving forgiveness. Message Notes Archive Special Offers
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Helping you Grow Closer to God

Living on the Edge

Helping You Grow Closer to God

You are loved, unique, and your life has a purpose.

The God who created you wants to help you discover His love, grow in His grace, connect with His family and fulfill your purpose.

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"I listen to Chip Ingram as often as I can, and I learn something every single time. This ministry has helped me through some of the darkest days and the brightest days, too." 

- Cyndi -

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October 18, 2018

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